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No need to worry if you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer! This super-easy air fryer frozen chicken breasts recipe can transform frozen breast into a juicy and flavorful dinner in no time.

Just season it, air fry for a few minutes, and bam - perfectly cooked golden goodness awaits your plate! So what are you waiting for? A tender dinner is only moments away with this simple solution.

How To Air Fry Frozen Chicken Breast

  1. We will cover how to cook frozen chicken breasts in the air fryer to where you end up with perfect results every single time.
  2. Get your kitchen gadget ready for action by preheating it according to its instructions. Some machines need a few minutes to reach the optimal temperature of 180° Celsius (or 360° Fahrenheit) - that's when you know it'll give you excellent results!
  3. Make sure your chicken is nicely coated with olive oil - use either a spritz of spray or give it a good rub for delicious results! If desired, you may also spray your air fryer basket with cooking oil.
  4. Give your dish a dash of flavor with salt and pepper, plus any other spices you want to add. It'll turn an ordinary meal into something extraordinary!
  5. After 10-15  minutes of cooking at a temperature from 375-400 degrees F, you'll be ready to enjoy your delicious creation! Larger pieces of chicken will need slightly longer cooking times. See below for more discussion on this.
  6. Give your food a quick flip, then let it sizzle for an extra five minutes - the perfect amount of time to get that crispy finish and flavorful taste.
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How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken Breast

  • Need a delicious dinner fast? Try cooking frozen chicken! You truly can get juicy chicken breasts straight from bring frozen! It takes only minutes longer than preparing fresh meat, so you'll have your meal in no time.
  • To determine how long it takes to cook chicken breasts, it all depends on the thickness of each piece—roughly 15 minutes for every 2.5 centimeters (or 1 inch). But give yourself some wiggle room, depending on if your chicken pieces are thicker or thinner.
  • Taking the guesswork out of cooking, a meat thermometer is your perfect ally! Insert it into the thickest part of your dish, and when you achieve an internal temperature reading of 74°C or 165°F – voila! Deliciousness awaits. This air fryer frozen chicken breast recipe contains no breading, making it completely keto-friendly.
  • Craving some boneless skinless chicken breast? If, for example, you had chicken pieces that weighed between 5.3 and 6 ounces (150-170 grams), you should be able to cook them in 15 minutes flat!
  • If you've got more minor cuts of meat, check on them after about 10-12 minutes.  Larger pieces may take some extra time to cook through - keep an eye out and give them a peek every so often until the internal temperature is just right!


  • With careful planning, your delicious cooked meats can be served simultaneously. Make sure to use pieces about the same size, so you don't have one piece drying out while another is still sizzling in its juices! Pull off those smaller morsels a bit earlier for perfectly even cooking results if necessary.
  • Want to cook chicken pieces evenly and avoid dry spots? Reach for frozen! Pre-frozen options are always flatter, making them perfect for cooking uniformly. Plus, you can save time by not having to freeze your fresh breasts!
  • If you've got a stubbornly thick cut of meat, don't worry! You may not be able to pound it with a mallet as freezing will make it more resistant - but rest assured that there are still plenty of ways to enjoy your juicy dinner.
  • Let's give those pieces the best presentation possible! Instead of stapling them together, why don't you lay each separately in a single layer? This way, they'll look neat and orderly – perfect for display!


  • Give your meats a tasty spritz of oil! If you don't have an aerosol, use one teaspoon to coat them with vegetables or olives. They'll be looking and tasting delectable in no time!
  • Treat each side of your dish to a personalized touch by adding the seasoning that fits you and your meal best.
  • With a few simple seasonings, the possibilities for cooking are limitless! Salt and pepper form an excellent base flavor profile to which you can add some sweet paprika powder or any of your favorite flavors. Let's get creative in the kitchen!
  • Spice up your cooking with the complexity of smoked paprika, kick it up a notch with hot paprika––or go wild and mix in garlic powder and curry powder for some delicious international flair!
  • Spice up your chicken dishes with a variety of unique and flavorful seasonings! Add an international twist to your recipes, from classic lemon pepper to Moroccan Ras el Hanouts. Or go Cajun style - the possibilities are endless! Mix it up however you like for some delicious poultry perfection.
  • Trying new spices and spice mixtures is fun, but it can be even more of an adventure when you find something that hits the spot! You're not alone in discovering a love for all sorts of flavors.

What To Serve With Chicken Breast

  • Liven up your salad game with a delicious and nutritious topping: slices of your favorite fruit! Add it to an already tasty yogurt-based dressing for extra flavor or over some chopped veggies for even more crunch. Enjoy the punch of sweetness that comes from this simple but delightful addition!
  • Spicy rice is a must-have when serving up your favorite meal. Get creative and try some BBQ, Jollof, or veggie varieties for an extra kick!
  • Ready for a tasty side dish to take your meal to the next level? Whip up some delicious fries or crispy, oven-baked potato wedges, and enjoy!
  • If you're looking for a fantastic veggie dish, why not try roasted cauliflower, carrots, or Brussels sprouts? These delicious veggies are sure to be a hit!

Interesting question related to cooking frozen chicken in the air fryer

What is the best type of chicken to use for an air fryer?

When it comes to the best chicken for an air fryer, there are a few important things to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the chicken is of good quality - free range chickens have higher levels of vitamins and minerals than caged chickens. You'll also want to pick up some flavorful marinades or spice rubs that will help enhance the flavor of your food while also preventing it from sticking in the air fryer basket.

In general, larger pieces of chicken are ideal for hot-air frying since they require more time to cook evenly throughout and maintain juicy interiors. Opt for splits (thighs & drumsticks), bone-in cuts (like legs or wings) as well as skin-on breasts and thighs so you get a nice crispy exterior when cooked in the air fryer. If using boneless pieces like breast fillets or pounded out breasts, be sure not to overcrowd your air fryer basket which can inhibit even cooking results.

Also keep in mind that dark meat tends to take better flavorings than white meat dishes so if you opt for something with a heavily flavored marinade, choose bones-pieces like legs instead of tenderloins since they will retain more moisture during cooking resulting in juicier bites at mealtime!

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