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Surfing is one of the most popular watersports these days, with many people of all ages hitting the beach or the lake to enjoy fun on the waves. If you know someone that loves hitting the surf, you may want to treat them to something special (like maybe an all inclusive surf camp), but what awesome gift should you get?

Whether you're looking for a simple token or something more substantial, there are plenty of great choices regarding the best gifts for surfers.

From clothing and accessories designed especially for going out in style on their boards to items that will help them stay safe in unpredictable waters - no matter your budget or level of creativity, there's undoubtedly a perfect present for any surfer!

1. Ho Stevie! Thick Microfiber Surf Poncho

Are you a surfer that looks forward to your next surf trip? Then you need Ho Stevie! - the ultimate thick microfiber surf poncho. The 100% cotton surf poncho is designed to make your changes in and out of your wetsuit easy, comfortable, and warm. 

The long length ensures that even tall guys like Stevie are adequately covered - 47 inches (120 cm) from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the robe. Perfect for any environmental warrior, this heavy-weight (330GSM) cotton material is warm, soft on your skin, dries quickly, and machine washable for ultimate convenience.

Not only does it keep you dry, but it also doubles as a towel so you can dry yourself off after surfing without needing an additional one. And don’t forget that the Ho Stevie! Poncho makes a perfect gift for those hard-to-please surfers - even out of season! 

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, graduation, or ‘just because,’ they will love receiving this practical, cozy, hooded poncho towel. So don’t miss out on all the fantastic features Ho Stevie! has to offer – pick up yours today!

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2. BAY LAUREL Turkish Beach Towel

Are you ready for your next beach adventure but don’t want to worry about packing all that extra sand? Look no further than BAY LAUREL Turkish Beach Towel! 

The lightweight and compact beach towel is the perfect addition to your beach bag so you can leave the sand behind. With the quick dry technology, you don’t have to wait around for hours waiting for the towel to dry, allowing you more time for fun in the sun. 

With these towels, there’s no need for excessive washing or worrying about damp or musty smells or germs. By purchasing a BAY LAUREL Turkish Beach Towel, you'll be free and relaxed on your next trip – that sounds like an adventure well worth taking! So get ready and let's go!

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3. EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax Base Coat

Stay cool while you surf with EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax Base Coat! The high-performance basecoat wax is designed to make your time on the waves smoother and more accessible. With an orange scent and long-lasting, all-natural ingredients, this surfboard wax is sure to please.

Each 3-bar pack provides long-lasting protection throughout a wide range of temperatures to make the most of your day on the waves. You can confidently enjoy an easy application process while being sure that you are using a safe and non-toxic product. All natural ingredients put your mind at ease when dealing with environmental protection.

Make the most out of your surfing with EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax Base Coat! So why wait? Please pick up a 3-bar pack today and experience the extraordinary performance!

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4. Casio G-Shock Surf Watch

Looking for a great gift for your favorite surfer? Introducing the newest addition to the G-Shock family, the Casio G-Shock G-Lide Teal Resin Surf Watch! 

With a 46mm case and bezel crafted from resin and stainless steel, this classic G-Shock watch is designed to withstand even water pressure, so you can confidently take it with you on your wildest ocean adventures. It is one of the best surf watches out there. 

The teal polyurethane band adds a sporty and stylish element that'll look great both on land and below sea level. And to top it all off, slits near the 6 o’clock position allow for draining water and sweat, providing comfort even through intense surf sessions. 

Stop waiting for perfect waves—grab your Casio G-Shock G-Lide Teal Resin Surf Watch now and let the good times roll!

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5. Revolution Balance Boards Balance Board Trainer

Are you ready to take your water sports to the next level? With the Revolution Balance Boards Balance Board Trainer, the all-new RevBalance Swell 2.0, you can stay prepared and focused for any situation when out on the water. 

Whether you're a surfer, paddleboarder, wake surfer, kiteboarder, or longboarder, this balance board is built to last and help you be your best every time!

The Swell 2.0 features an adjustable MAGSWITCH stop system that can easily be configured without any tools. Beginners can start with a shorter rolling distance and increase the difficulty over time as their skills improve. 

For advanced riders, remove the stops altogether for a maximum challenge! With Revolution Balance Boards Balance Board Trainer, you will be balanced for whatever comes your way!

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6. COR Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat

Are you ready for your next surf session? With the COR Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat and Bag, you can have all your aquatic needs taken care of! This mat is portable and compact, so it can easily fit one wetsuit and a towel while still cinched up close. 

It’ll be your perfect travel companion for surfing, swimming, triathlon, scuba diving, or kayaking trips. Go ahead and take the plunge without worrying about a thing!

This bag's strong PVC poly fabric is made to last and is easy to clean. It also prevents sand, dirt, and other pesky particles from getting on your wetsuit, keeping the car clean. When packing into a suitcase or backpack, you can also count on it to separate wet from dry clothes. 

That’s not all - you get a 5-year warranty with your purchase which makes the COR Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat and Bag an ideal holiday gift for those that spend time outdoors! 

Grab yours today and prepare for adventure!

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7. Pickle Wax The Remover

Looking for a straightforward way to rid your surfboard of wax? Look no further than Pickle Wax The Remover! The revolutionary dry wax remover is the perfect tool for anyone looking to refresh their board without worrying about harsh chemicals.

Pickle Wax The Remover lets you keep your board ready for optimal performance in three easy steps. First, use one of the included Mr. Zog's Sex Comb or Flex Combs scrapers to remove the excess wax from your board. Second, grab Pickle Wax The Remover as if it was an old friend! Third, rub your Pickle firmly across your board while applying pressure with a few firm strokes.

 Don’t forget to rotate the device for optimal results and avoid any wax build-up. When you’re done, you’ll have a perfectly clean stick that'll leave you shining like the Pickle itself!

So, don’t let that crusty old wax get in the way of surfing with ease. With Pickles Wax, The Remover, keep your boards ready for whatever type of waves come your way!

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8. XUKER Women & Men Wetsuit

If you're looking for a high-quality, comfortable wetsuit with extra warmth and protection but are tired of going to your local surf shop, the XUKER Women Men Wetsuit is precisely what you need!

Crafted with 90% neoprene and 10% nylon to provide premium thermal insulation, it's perfect for helping you stay warm while enjoying engaging aquatic activities. It works by trapping a thin layer of water between the neoprene and your skin so that your body's heat is retained without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

Plus, this smart design also provides a protective barrier against stinging sea creatures so that you won't sustain any damage even if you accidentally brush up against the ocean floor. And when out in bright sunlight all day long? The XUKER Women Men Wetsuit will also help protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. 

What could be better? Get ready to make waves with this must-have surf gear!

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9. Advanced Elements Summer Shower

When you’re out in the wild, a hot shower can be just what you need to revive and relax. Introducing the Advanced Elements Summer Shower - a robust and reliable way to warm up your water supply without burning a hole in your pocket.

This compact yet powerful shower is engineered with 4-ply construction featuring an innovative reflector panel and insulator panel for maximum heat retention and performance. 

Its 5-gallon capacity can heat 110 degrees Fahrenheit within 3 hours under direct sunlight! The temperature gauge also makes it easy to watch when your water reaches the right temperature.

This glorious little gadget has plenty of convenient features like an integrated toiletry pouch (that can hold a razor, mirror, or travel shampoo bottles), plus Velcro straps for washcloths! 

With all these features, the Advanced Elements Summer Shower has your back when every other hot shower feels far out of reach.

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10. Totally Bamboo Lil' Surfer Surfboard

Looking for surf gifts for your surfing friend? Make a splash in style with this totally rad cutting board. This unique surfboard-shaped bamboo cutting board looks just as amazing as it works. It doubles wonderfully as wall art too so much that your surfer friend is sure to love.

 With its vertical grain bamboo construction, this lightweight and durable board is gentle on knives and won't leave marks or stains from everyday slicing and dicing. The dark end-grain bamboo inlay gives it a classic coastal feel that won't go unnoticed. 

Plus, you'll love knowing that bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly material and renewable resource that regrows quickly after harvest. 

Put the Totally Bamboo Lil' Surfer Surfboard in your kitchen repertoire today!

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11. XUKER Water Gloves

Introducing XUKER Water Gloves, designed to keep your hands protected and warm while you enjoy various water sports. These gloves provide perfect protection with solid but flexible neoprene glued and blind stitched for unparalleled durability. 

They keep your hands safe from dangerous objects and creatures so you can focus on having fun, and are one of the must-haves surfing gear today for your surfing life! The premium CR neoprene is thermal, covered with soft elastic fabric for a snug fit, and will keep your hands warm in the water or even during winter sports.

Thanks to the anti-slip rubber-printed palms, you'll never lose your grip when snorkeling or swimming. Experience added comfort with a pre-shaped ergonomic design, ensuring an extreme fit for everyone from size XS to 2XL. Whether surfing, sailing, diving, kayaking, or anything else, XUKER Water Gloves are helpful! 

So throw them on and make every aquatic activity more enjoyable and worry-free!

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12. Piscifun Dry Bag

The Piscifun Dry Bag ensures your possessions stay completely safe in any condition! Made with heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride, this bag is incredibly durable and dependable no matter where your adventures take you. It's specially sealed and certified IPX8 waterproof, so you can keep your valuables dry while paddleboarding or kayaking.

On top of that, the Piscifun Dry Bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, so it's easy to carry on trips or hikes. Plus, it has an outer mesh pocket for non-dry storage, perfect for snacks and tools.

This bag also comes with a bonus waterproof phone case that fits phones up to 6.5 inches in size—you’ll never miss a call or text when you’re out exploring nature!

Whether taking a boat trip across the lake or floating down the river in your kayak, the Piscifun Dry Bag will keep all your items safe from water damage. With its rugged exterior and user-friendly design, prepare for an adventure like never before!

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13. Ho Stevie! Surfboard Traction Pad

If you care about your performance in the surf, head over to Ho Stevie! and check out the rad Surfboard Traction Pad! The premium quality pad is 12” x 12” when all 3 pieces are laid side by side – giving you the maximum amount of grip. 

Traction is important for boosting your performance on the waves, and the makers made sure these pads provide super grippy action with a soft feel on your knees if you ride boardshorts. Plus, they only used powerful 3M adhesive so your pads always stay stuck to the board no matter how hard you shred! 

Stop messing around with those other traction pads that don't measure up in terms of quality, and grab the Ho Stevie! Surfboard Traction Pad today. You'll be glad you did during your next session!

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