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When shopping for a particular person who loves bourbon, there's no better way to show how much you care than with reasonably priced and thoughtful gifts for bourbon lovers. From sophisticated bourbon accessories to your favorite bourbon barrel chips and bourbon steak dust, the possibilities are endless for the perfect present.

Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion, something unique out there with even just a hint of bourbon will make your bourbon lover beam with delight!

Choosing a meaningful present is a great way to get them even more excited about their favorite beverage. Shop around and get creative - your bourbon drinker will surely be overjoyed with what you find!

1. DO YOUR GIN DO Your Whisky Infusion

Make the perfect whisky infusion with DO YOUR GIN DO Your Whisky Infusion! Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur of whisky or someone looking to explore unique flavors, this kit is here to help. 

With a variety of wood chips, herbs and spices, and other essentials like glass prep bottles, stainless steel whiskey ice cubes, and labels for personalization, you can create your personalized whisky that’s precise to your liking and perfect for your bourbon truffles. 

No extra ingredients are needed - just a bottle of neutral alcohol as the base and let your imagination run wild while crafting an experience that’s sure to wow your tastebuds. 

As the perfect gift for your favorite bourbon lover and adventuring enthusiasts on Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, DO YOUR GIN DO Your Whisky Infusion helps you do it yourself - whatever “it” may be! 

Drinking bourbon has never been this thrilling!

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2. Collins Orange Peel Twist in Syrup

Introducing Collins Orange Peel Twists in Syrup – the perfect way to add something special to all your favorite cocktails! Whether you’re a professional bartender or just looking to up your home-mixing game, these sweet and delicious strands of orange peel provide the perfect garnish for all kinds of classic drinks. Enjoy added flavor, texture, and style with these orange twists from Collins.

No bar is complete without a jarful of these bright treats – they’ll give any drink that extra pop, whether shaken or stirred. They can even be used as dessert toppings or candied fruit for baking! The bold bite of fresh orange peel blends perfectly with the natural sweetness that comes with each twist. 

They’re the perfect accompaniment to homemade creations and professional bartender-style drinks alike, and the bourbon drinkers in your life will get a kick out of these too!

So if you’re looking for a fun and friendly way to add some pop and zest to your next cocktail (or treat!), grab yourself a 10oz jar of Collins Orange Twists in Syrup today – we know you won’t regret it!

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3. BROTEC Whiskey Glass Set of 2

Calling all whiskey lovers! Get ready for a real treat with the BROTEC Whiskey Glass Set. This is an exclusive set of 2 crystal whiskey shot glasses, eight functional whiskey stones, and a stylish wooden box crafted with exquisite wood and soft velvet pouch. Take your whiskey experience to the next level – now you can chill your drinks without using traditional ice cubes.

The high-quality 10 oz rocks glasses are lead-free and boast an elegant design that will make an impression when serving your favorite beverages. Whether it's whiskey, bourbon, brandy, wine, scotch, or any other drink, you can now savor them as they were meant to be enjoyed at their perfect temperature.

Make this gift idea special - present it with style! The BROTEC Whiskey Stones and Glass Set makes life easier and tastier. They say that good things come in pairs - so don't hesitate to try out the BROTEC Whiskey Stone Set today! It's perfect for men who love whiskey neat – cheers!

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4. Swag Brewery Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap

Looking for the perfect bourbon gifts for your true bourbon lover? Look no further - Swag Brewery's Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap is here! This all-natural, artisan soap has a rich and oaky scent of whiskey that you and your loved ones will love. 

Not only does it smell great, but all of the ingredients also are cruelty-free and phthalate-free, and we use real whiskey! The soap lathers up amazingly well, keeps your skin hydrated, and can be used to cleanse your face, body, or hair. 

It's the perfect way to show someone you care about them - give them a bottle of Swag Brewery's Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap today!

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5. Hediyesepeti Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Toast to something special with Hediyesepeti Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set! This unique gift set includes 12 natural Toros Black marble pieces, giving you a luxurious collection of whiskey stones that will impress you. Extracted from the Mesopotamian region belonging to the earliest civilizations, these whiskey stones will add sophistication and elegance to your barware.

These whiskey stones give you a stylish accessory and keep your beverage cooler than room temperature without affecting the original taste - no dilution here! So go ahead and enjoy a smooth glass of whisky with no regrets. 

Perfect as a gift for any special occasion or simply as a treat for yourself, Hediyesepeti Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set makes having a good time even better.

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6. Pine Ridge Whiskey Bourbon Coasters

Are you looking for a way to protect your furniture from drink stains and damage? Look no further than the Pine Ridge Whiskey Bourbon Coasters! These rustic-style coasters are designed to keep all your surfaces sleek and protected, with cork on the back protecting tables from scratches and water stains. 

Not only that, but they also won't leave behind any residue when you lift a cup or glass - making them easy to use over and over again. The simple barrel-style design will combine seamlessly with any home decor, adding a touch of class to each room of your house. 

With five pieces included, you can place drinks throughout your home without worrying about any harm caused, allowing you to enjoy an evening in style. 

Get ready for a night of relaxation with the Pine Ridge Whiskey Bourbon Coasters!

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7. Amy Zavatto The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails

Raise a glass to the Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails! Whether you consider yourself a fan or are looking for a place to start your journey, this book has it all. 

With over 100 cocktails that take American classics and spin them into something new and exciting, there will be something delicious for every occasion. Get ready to whip up your perfect bourbon drink, from solo nightcaps to pre-dinner drinks for two and even party punch recipes.

Taste trendy new flavors crafted exclusively for this book and beloved recipes from times like the Prohibition Era Old Fashioned. Not sure where to start? Bow down to bourbon--each cocktail is cataloged by its flavor profile, such as savory, tart, hot, frosty, fruity, decadent, and more! Learn classic cocktails like the Mint Julep or discover new iced tea creations like the Texas Bourbon Tea.

If you are a huge bourbon fan, Amy Zavatto's Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails opens up a world of possibilities when taking the time to savor an American classic. 

So go ahead and lift your glass--you might just have found your next favorite beverage!

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8. FineDine Insulated Ice Bucket

Are you looking for a chic and handy ice bucket to keep all your drinks and cocktails chilled during your next gathering? Look no further than the FineDine Insulated Ice Bucket! 

Constructed of premium smudge-proof, brushed stainless steel, this bucket not only looks sleek and modern but is toxin-free and super-insulated. With a double wall construction rubber seal lid, the FineDine ice bucket can keep your drinks and ice ultra-chilled for maximum refreshment. 

Plus, it has a filter to keep melt water away from solid ice and a handy tong for easy gripping and serving! The best part? This convenient insulated bucket also has an elegant leather handle for easy carrying. 

Make sure you never run out of chilled drinks or ice cubes again with the FineDine Ice Bucket!

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9. Barfly Julep Cup

Celebrate the classic southern tradition of mint julep with this Barfly julep cup. Crafted for quality and style, it is made from stainless steel for strength and durability and is designed with elegance. The footed base ensures stability, while the beaded edges provide a lovely accent. It's the perfect size for serving your favorite mint julep recipes - quench your thirst in style!

And don't worry about cleaning up afterward; we recommend hand washing with mild soap and warm water to maximize performance and longevity.

Barfly is the perfect choice for creating cocktails and a perfect alternative for the cocktail kingdom julep cup - whether you're a professional bartender or enjoy mixing drinks at home. With its impressive mixology gear and accessories, you'll be able to craft the perfect cocktail every time! 

Get your Barfly Julep Cup today, and celebrate in style!

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10. Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel

Introducing the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels! This one-of-a-kind barrel was designed to bring out the flavors of your favorite spirits and cocktails like never before. 

Aged for an extended period in bourbon barrels, the Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bourbon Barrel Aged Cocktail Bitters will add an aromatic & flavorful kick to any drink. The unique Wooden Package Dimensions (6.35 cm L X 6.604 cm W X 12.446 cm H) make it a perfect addition to any bar, whether entertaining guests or simply taking a break from a stressful day.

The exceptional taste of the Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bourbon Barrel Aged Cocktail Bitters is sure to tantalize your tastebuds and bring out new aromas in your cocktail recipes -- all while weighing only 0.141 kgs! This unique blend captures smoky and sweet notes that are perfect for flavoring whiskey sours, martinis, and other favorite cocktails. 

So don't wait another second - get your hands on this must-have barrel today!

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11. The Little Flower Soap Co. Whiskey Bourbon Lip Balm

Whether you're looking for a unique gift for a whiskey-loving friend or family member, The Little Flower Soap Co. Whiskey Bourbon Lip Balm is perfect! 

This all-natural chapstick features heaping helpings of skin-healing ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe butter, olive oil, almond oil, hemp seed oil, and vitamin E oil – plus zinc oxide for natural sunblock protection! 

This handmade bourbon lip balm makes the perfect gift for a bourbon enthusiast in your life or to have around for yourself! The manufactured bourbon flavor adds a slight sweetness that tastes as good as it smells. 

So don't hesitate to get your hands on this unique novelty gift when looking for a great way to surprise someone special.

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12. Barrel Aged in a Bottle Oak Infusion Spiral

Are you ready to experience a barrel-aged flavor that will tantalize your taste buds? Look no further than the Oak Infusion Spirals! Now you can age and customize your whiskey, beer, spirit, or liquor - one bottle at a time.

These unique spiral inserts come in sets of two and are designed to infuse a barrel-aged flavor into your spirits quickly and easily. Insert it into the bottle, wait two weeks for total flavor extraction, and enjoy the decadence of aged liquor without waiting years! Best of all, these spirals are an affordable option for aging your homemade brews with oak.

Whether you’re a committed homebrew enthusiast looking for the highest quality results or just getting started in the world of DIY craft beverages, Barrel Aged in a Bottle’s Oak Infusion Spirals is the perfect addition to add a unique flavor profile to your next creation. 

Trust us when we say this product is worth trying at least once - you won't regret it!

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