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Shopping for the perfect funny gifts for couples can be pretty challenging - especially when finding something that both halves of a couple will enjoy.

Funny anniversary gifts can be an ideal way to bring a smile to couples' faces, making them giggle until their sides hurt! By selecting humorous items, you can offer something extraordinary and unique that will surely be remembered for many years.

You’re sure to find just what you need to create hearty laughter with your kind and meaningful present, whether it is an anniversary gift from the heart or funny knick-knacks for the holidays.

1. Aliza Premium Party Supplies Funny Towel

Looking for valuable and funny gift ideas? Look no further than the Aliza Premium Party Supplies Funny Towel! This hilarious towel is perfect for making messes - inadvertently or intentionally - more manageable. 

And, with its unique not-sold-in-stores design, it’s sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face as soon as they see it in the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gag gift for an anniversary, bachelorette party, or birthday celebration, the Aliza Premium Party Supplies Funny Towel is sure to be a hit.

Made from super plush and soft cotton material, this naughty towel can absorb anything you put on without any unpleasant feelings like those paper towels we all struggled with in the past!

 Plus, it makes the perfect gift for anyone and everyone in your life. From your boyfriend or husband to your girlfriend or wife (or even just friends!), this funny towel will surely be treasured and keep them laughing through any situation. 

So go ahead and order your Aliza Premium Party Supplies Funny Towel today - everyone needs a little bit of laughter in their lives!

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2. SERVD Hilarious Real-Life Couples Card Game

Who said that game night had to be boring? Introducing SERVD, the hilarious real-life couples card game that's shaking up the game night! Intended for two players—male and female couples—SERVD adds extra fun, cheekiness, and strategy to any situation that might arise in a relationship. Take back the power with SERVD and inject laughter into your daily life.

The game is about spontaneity, so it's sure to surprise you at every turn! Take control by forcing your partner to participate in your favorite activities or let them "steal" your meal if their dinner looks tastier than yours. Overall, it'll keep you on your toes and laughing until you can't take it anymore.

So grab one of these unique games and turn those everyday situations into unexpected moments of fun! Add some life to your relationships with SERVD and make the most of game night.

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3. FONDBLOU Ring Finger Wine Glasses

Are you looking for the perfect, unique thoughtful gift for the special couple in your life? Look no further than FONDBLOU Ring Finger Wine Glasses! Perfect for newlyweds and couples in all stages of their relationship, these glasses make memorable and funniest gifts that last a lifetime.

The superior quality of these stemless 18oz glasses makes them strong and durable while looking classic with their iridescent colors. The ring finger design is printed using a high-quality, vivid printing process – so they won’t fade even after many washes! Plus, they are lead and BPA-free.

A wine glass provides a classy way for couples to toast special moments and events throughout the years they will absolutely love! 

So don’t hesitate. Get your hands on FONDBLOU Ring Finger Wine Glasses today!

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4. AW Fashions Funny Couple Mug

Make your love morning routine even sweeter with AW Fashions matching Funny Couple Mug set! Remember that no matter the distance between you and your significant other, your hearts are connected, and nothing will ever come between them. 

This funny Don't Go Bacon My Heart, Couldn't if I Fried Design is the perfect gift for couples, whether it's a token of appreciation for anniversaries and Valentine's or simply because you two are made for each other!

Show your love and gratitude with this set of 2 premium ceramic mugs, printed to last for many years. Enjoy a good cup of coffee from morning till night while you relax with your partner. 

Crafted from high-quality stoneware ceramic material scratch-resistant, it can offer long-lasting use. Plus, these mugs have the same design printed on both sides – so it’s an excellent option for everyone who is left or right-handed. 

Get yours today, and make every sip more special!

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5. SiuSue Funny Cushion Cover

Introducing the SiuSue Funny Cushion Cover - The perfect decor addition to spruce up any room in your home and make it look much more inviting. Whether it's a sofa, bed, living room, or office, this cushion cover will bring life and an extra flair!

The quality of these cushion covers is second to none. These covers are made of durable polyester, so you don't have to worry about them wearing out with lots of use. The 12 x 20 inches size ensures that the cover looks great wherever you decide to put it.

Adding one of these covers as a decor piece can elevate any space instantly and brighten up even the dullest-looking places. Plus, if you're looking for a unique and thoughtful present for your friends and family, this is an excellent choice!

To make life easier, machine washing/hand washing these covers in cold water makes maintaining them a breeze! Each product also features an invisible zipper opening (no ugly zippers ruining the aesthetic!) which provides easy access when changing the insert pillow or during cleaning.

Brighten up any living space quickly with this fun and practical Funny Cushion Cover from SiuSue!

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6. Forkit LLC Funny Couple Aprons

Treat your favorite couple to a laugh with these entertaining Forkit LLC Funny Couple Aprons! Whether it’s an anniversary present, a housewarming gift, a wedding gift, or for any other occasion, you can be sure that not only will they have a good quality time but keep their clothes clean as well!

These hilarious matching aprons are made of high-quality polyester cotton material and printed with colorful designs, so they look as unique as they feel. From rock stars to bacon & eggs to Golden Retriever lovers, there’s something for everyone. So where ever their interests might lie, you can find the perfect pair of aprons to fit them perfectly.

These Apron sets have everything you need ready to go - two aprons and one gift bag - so all you need to do is add your creative touch and make someone particularly happy. 

Cook in style and get ready for laughter when you give these humorous aprons as gag gifts!

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7. Toilet Timer by Katamco

Introducing the Katamco Toilet Timer! As seen on ABC's "Shark Tank," this gift is a perfect funny couples gift for anyone who needs a reminder about not taking too long in the bathroom. It's fun, functional, and perfect for stocking stuffers, white elephant exchanges, or that funny birthday gift that someone will never forget!

Made from sturdy materials, the Toilet Timer features a unique sand timer that runs for about five minutes. That means no more 40-minute bathroom breaks turning into full-blown naps! 

You can set it anywhere; it rotates 360 degrees without holding it upside down. Plus, its unique mechanism resets instantly when time’s up, so you know when to leave and get back out there again.

It’s a hilarious present year-round that also comes with a message - don't linger too long in the throne room! Make sure whoever receives your gift gets their “time out” - before their legs fall asleep! 

Get your Katamco Toilet Timer today, and make sure everyone is having fun...and getting back to reality when they are done.

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8. Ultimate Hostess Funny Coasters for Drinks

Add fun and sophistication to your next gathering with the Ultimate Hostess Funny Coasters for Drinks. Create a unique and classy atmosphere that will leave your guests feeling several degrees fancier. Take it up a notch with this trio of hilarious sayings that will match the personalities of every one of your guests. It's a great way to get a few free laughs and keep your furniture safe from water stains simultaneously.

Don't skimp on coasters when gifting people: invest in these sophisticated, funny accessories that will ensure you're never seen as stingy for not splurging. Let everyone know that you have the trendiest home, packed full of personality and life, to give your space an extra TLC, no matter how humble you started!

Be the life of the party with the Ultimate Hostess Funny Coasters for Drinks - they'll bring class, humor, and convenience into every part of your get-togethers! Have another wild night without having to worry about unruly spills, welcome your guests to the table talk worthy of being trending news, and pretty sure boring won't be one word used in any description. 

Get ready for laughs and compliments galore!

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9. Yankario Rustic Home Decor Box Sign

Are you looking for the perfect gift to surprise your significant other? Look no further than the Yankario Rustic Home Decor Box Sign! This funny sign offers a lighthearted take on long-term relationships that will smile both of your faces. 

Crafted with MDF wood, this box sign provides a rustic and country charm that can easily be added to any home decor. The dimensions of 7.87×9.84 inches make it the perfect accent piece to add to your modern, country, farmhouse room, bedroom desk, shelf, or wall decor. 

And with its hollowed-out back, it’s lightweight enough to hang on the wall without extra support - bringing a care-free vibe and positive energy into your home. What better way to celebrate special occasions such as an engagement or wedding anniversary than with this box sign? 

So give the perfect keepsake for any couple that needs a good laugh with the Yankario Rustic Home Decor Box Sign today!

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10. Juvale Ring for a Kiss Service Desk Bell

Looking for a fun and unique way to show your special someone how much you care? The Juvale Ring for a Kiss Service Desk Bell is the perfect addition to your romantic relationship! This delightful bell is made of alloy steel and a black base. The top is decorated with bold black letters that read “Ring for a Kiss,” making it obvious what this bell is all about - get ready to share your love story! 

Not only is it an adorable symbol of your affection, but when this desk bell rings with its loud and crisp sound, the person in your life won't have any questions about why they should come running. Give it as an anniversary present or romantic gift, or keep it on your desk as a sweet gesture. It can even be used at an engagement party or wedding to add an extra touch of romance between the newlyweds. 

Make every day extraordinary with the Juvale Ring for a Kiss Service Desk Bell!

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11. LovityNote The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples

Stop dreading date night and start loving it with LovityNote – The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples! Whether you’ve been together for years or are just beginning, this book is the perfect way to make your time together even more enjoyable. With 30 quizzes, 20 games, and ten challenges at your fingertips, you’ll have a blast discovering new things about each other, scoring points against one another, and winning rewards.

The activities in LovityNote are designed to demonstrate how well you know each other and give you fun facts about your partner that you never knew before. Plus, setting up rewards for the winners adds excitement to the proceedings and encourages multiple playthroughs so that you can keep improving your bond over time.

Ideal for couples of all ages, genders, and orientations, The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples lets you create unforgettable memories no matter where you are or what kind of relationship stage you’re in. 

So don’t hesitate any longer – try out LovityNote today, and let the fun begin!

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12. TDC Games Travel Dirty Minds Card Game

Get ready to turn up the heat at your next get-together with TDC Games Travel Dirty Minds Card Game! This fun game is as naughty as it is nice, providing hours of laughter and entertainment for all ages.

The convenience of a travel pack makes it easy to bring the game with you wherever you go, whether it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party or a gathering of family and friends. The game includes 112 total cards – 56 game cards with five naughty clues and one clean answer per card, plus 56 scoring cards – in a handy boxed set that’s easy to take anywhere. Also, challenge yourself by collecting all five game cards to spell out “dirty!”

Dirty Minds is fun – get your whole group involved in guessing the “clean” answer to each clue while testing how much dirt (or hilarity!) is in their heads. It’s an unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss! 

So grab the TDC Games Travel Dirty Minds Card Game now and enjoy some quality naughty-but-nice time.

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13. GiltGlimmer Funny Citrus Scented Candles

Are you looking for a memorable and unique gift for someone you know? Look no further! GiltGlimmer Funny Citrus Scented Candles are the perfect pick to surprise your loved ones and make them smile. 

One of these candles will make even the grumpiest of people laugh out loud, whether it's for your mom, best friend, wife, or husband. It's handmade with high-quality soy wax and fragrant oils to provide complete relaxation - the perfect balance between humor and refreshment. 

Even better, this eco-friendly product is reusable after burning! When they open up this hilarious present, they'll surely get a good chuckle and lots of smiles. Perfect as gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, GiltGlimmer Funny Citrus Scented Candles will create memories that last a lifetime.

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