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Showing appreciation for students and their hard work at the end of the school year can be challenging, especially with the juggling of life that can occur within a family. Fortunately, there are now simple yet meaningful ways to give them special end of the year gifts to commemorate this time.

End of year gifts for students come in all different shapes, sizes, and price points to ensure every family has the option to make their student smile. Many teachers express their gratitude to students who give them heart warming "owl miss" you gifts that have a special message on them.

In the same way, students appreciate end of the year gifts ranging from something small and heartfelt to a bigger sentimental gift idea that can be treasured for years - it’s just a matter of finding that perfect item!

1. Lamnhin 14 Pack Beach Ball

With the Lamnhin 14 Pack Beach Ball, you'll have tons of sunny summer break fun! These PVC beach balls are perfect for kids as they are made from premium quality, safe materials and are high-strength and durable. 

Enjoy a kick, bounce, pass or toss without worrying about leakage, as these beach balls hold air pressure for days. The pack includes 14 individual pcs, so you'll never need to inflate one!

Take your summer fun up a notch with the Lamnhin beach balls for use as party favors or decorations! Small but mighty, these 12 inches (before inflation) beach balls bring joy whenever they appear. 

Whether it's water parties or pool parties - everything is more enjoyable when you include this pack of high-quality plastic beach toys. 

Bring the ultimate summer vibes to any gathering with Lamnhin's beach ball set!

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2. Cheersville 5 pack Soft Touch Click Pens

Introducing the Cheersville 5 pack Soft Touch Click Pens! These pens show your most valued people that you appreciate their hard work and can boost morale with their encouraging messages.

These pens are comfortable to write with because of the smooth rubberized barrel finish, and they also come ready to give in a set of five! 

Featuring black ink, each pen is printed on one side with motivational messages in white print to keep your student energized and working hard. 

So show how much you care and get them this fantastic set of pens as a perfect way to recognize their effort. Get your Cheersville 5 pack Soft Touch Click Pens today!

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3. coroto 24 Packs Mini Pop Fidget Toy

Introducing coroto 24 Packs Mini Pop Fidget Toy - your go-to stress and anxiety reliever! We know how important it is to have something to help ease the worry of long days of work or study, and this miniature fidget toy is just the ticket. 

These eco-friendly silicone mini pops are fun and stylish and feature an array of colors and shapes like round, square, and heart. And the best part? They do more than look great; they effectively relieve stress and anxiety. 

Kids can use them as a great ADD, ADHD, or OCD toy to help them relax and focus better. So for calming down when feeling overwhelmed or excited, pick up a set of coroto Fidget Toys.

It’s easy to clean with soap and water, making it perfect for on-the-go use as a keychain. With these mini pops, you’ll always be one step closer to feeling completely relaxed!

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4. INNOCHEER Kids Sunglasses

Are you searching for the perfect summer accessory to complete your child's wardrobe? Look no further than the INNOCHEER Kids Sunglasses! 

With one size that fits most children three years and older, you won't have to worry about finding the right fit. The classic black vintage 80s Retro design adds a little style with its square black frame and black lens. 

And don't worry about UV protection either - these lenses offer 100% UVA, UVB & UVC ray protection, meaning your kiddos will be extra comfortable and safe during those sunny days. 

So don't wait - make the INNOCHEER Kids Sunglasses part of your summer wardrobe today!

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5. OJYUDD 16 Pack Scratch Note Pads

Let the kids express their creativity with OJYUDD 16-Pack Scratch Note Pads! These scratch note pads provide a fun and safe activity for developing fine motor skills. 

With ten sheets per notebook, plenty of creative masterpieces can be created. Underneath the black page, you’ll find the colors of the rainbow, which are revealed using the included wooden pen and drawing template. 

High-quality materials make these pads odorless, non-toxic, and not easy to tear, so your little ones can play without worry. Measuring 5.5x3.9 inches, these colorful artworks can be quickly taken with you in any backpack or bag. 

This is a perfect small gift for your students. Your greatest options outside of Amazon are bulk purchases or visits to a dollar store. Get these 16-pack scratch note pads for your child today and let them express their endless creativity!

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6. KLT Sensory Stress Balls

Discover the perfect relaxation and stress relief remedy with KLT Sensory Stress Balls! With the 12-pack set, you and your family can now get the sensory distraction and tactile satisfaction that helps relieve tension and anxiety. 

Whether you are a school teacher looking to keep focus in class, an office worker who needs a break mid-day, or an adult seeking some major destressing—these sensory stress balls are just what you need!

Each ball is packed with colorful water beads and suspended in a squeezable outer layer. Conveniently shaped to fit in any palm, these fidget stress balls will provide hours of satisfying activity.

Enjoy the calming sensation of playing with these therapeutic squishy balls, or use them when studying and working to keep your hands busy without getting distracted from your tasks. They’re even great for improving coordination skills too! Kids will find plenty of joy in exploring this unique product for imaginative play.

Experience complete tranquility with KLT Sensory Stress Balls today!

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7. Joyin Toy 14’’ Big Bubble Wand

Take a break from the summer heat and bask in the joy of bubbles with Joyin Toy's 14’’ Big Bubble Wand! The superior bubble solution will help you create bigger, stronger bubbles that will last throughout your summer days and surprise your family, friends, and kids. Perfect for all ages, the wand is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. This makes for one of the perfect end of year student gifts.

Bring a Joyin Toy 14’’ Big Bubble Wand along for a spontaneous, fun way on your next getaway! And when it comes time for your next class party or event, use these wands as the perfect party favors. 

These gift tags will let them know that this year they "blew you away." Your guests will be wowed by the colorful bubbles they can blow with each wand and is considered one of the best bubble wands. 

Everyone loves bubbles; this is a great way to make summer even more special!

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8. JOYIN 180 PCS Washable Sidewalk Chalks

Want to give the perfect gift for your kids who have finished the school year strong? JOYIN 180 PCS Washable Sidewalk Chalks is the perfect solution! The set includes 180 pieces of chalk in 20 different colors, ranging from blue and green to pink and purple.

The unique design of each chalk makes it easy for your children to draw or create artwork on any driveway or sidewalk. Thanks to its washable feature, you don't have to worry about permanent messes either – just wash off the surface when done.

These colorful chalks are an excellent selection for schools, summer camps, recreation centers, and backyards! What's more, they are made with premium quality materials that are entirely safe for use by children. You might find these at a Dollar Tree, but your best bet will be at an online retailer like Amazon.

So let your little ones unleash their imaginations in outdoor fun with these awesome chalks - get yourself JOYIN 180 PCS Washable Sidewalk Chalks today!

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9. Educational Insights Playfoam Party

Does your little one love to get creative? Looking for a birthday party favor they can get creative with? Look no further than Playfoam Party!

The Playfoam Party 20-Pack includes 20 pods in blue, purple, orange, pink, yellow, green, and peach. Plus, with its never drying out feature, you’ll find it’s the perfect sensory fidget toy for preschoolers and toddlers alike, both at home and in the classroom. 

Create something squishy and squashy each time you use it - anywhere! No mess to worry about either – the Playfoam magically dissolves and disappears! 

Make sure to give your little ones this fun activity set that allows them to get creative with their sculpting skills wherever they go. This is a great gift or party favor for children ages 3+, Playfoam is sure to bring hours of playtime fun!

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10. Supla 36 Set 2 Style Rainbow Bookmarks

Make a splash with Supla's 36 Set 2 Style Rainbow Bookmarks! A perfect way to spruce up your bookshelves or add something special to your next party. This high-quality set of bookmarks will provide tons of unique, creative fun. 

Kids and adults alike will have a blast scratching away the colorful coating to reveal an array of brilliant rainbow shades. Craft them into gorgeous bookmarks or use them as personalized decorations for any occasion - talk about versatility! 

They also make great gifts for your friends and family. Each package contains 36 Magic Scratchbook Rainbow Bookmarks measuring 5.9" in length and 2" in width, 36 wood sticks, 36 red satin ribbons, 36 clear cellophane bags, and twist ties. 

Make sure you get your hands on these super stylish magic art bookmarks from Supla - you won't be disappointed!

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