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Typing can be a very noisy experience, primarily if you use a keyboard with traditional switches.

If you want a smooth and quiet typing experience, you should consider investing in a keyboard that uses linear switches. Linear switches are known for their smooth keystrokes, which is why they are perfect for those who want to minimize the amount of noise they make when they type.

This article will discuss some of the best linear switches on the market and why you should consider using them! We hope this information will help you make an informed decision about which type of switch is right for you.

Read on to get all the information you need on the best linear switches so that your typing and gaming experience can go to the next level!

How We Made Our Choices For The Best Linear Switches

It's hard to find the best linear switches for your needs when there are so many options on the market.

Knowing which linear switches are suitable for you can be challenging, especially when so many different types and brands are available.

We've researched for you! After pouring through countless reviews, we've compiled a list of the best linear switches that offer satisfying typing and gaming experiences without breaking the bank.

EPOMAKER Vintage White Linear Switches

Linear Switches Best Value

EPOMAKER Vintage White Linear Switches

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Why We Think These Are Awesome

Introducing the EPOMAKER Vintage White Linear Switch! These linear switches are perfect for anyone looking for consistent, crisp, and high-quality tactility. With superb quality and a tremendous linear switch value, these sound linear switches are ideal for daily use.

Whether you're a gamer, typist, or just someone who wants a great typing experience, these speed switches will surely exceed your expectations. So don't wait any longer, order your EPOMAKER Vintage White Linear Switch today!

What You Need To Know

Switches are an integral part of any mechanical keyboard, and the type of switch can significantly impact the keyboard's feel and sound. This keyboard switch is designed with a general MX structure to fit most keycap sets, dramatically improving compatibility, and has one of the smoothest linear switches.

They are equipped with a north-facing LED slot for LED modification and are available in different configurations to meet various needs and crispness that almost resembles tactile and clicky switches but doesn't make noise.

Whether you're looking for a silent or high-powered switch, this switch has you covered. With its versatile design and wide range of options, this switch is an excellent choice for any mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

Akko CS Switches

Linear Switches with Highest Ratings

Akko CS Switches

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Why We Think These Are Awesome

Looking for high-quality, affordable mechanical keyboard tactile switches? Look no further than Akko CS Switches! These are the best linear switches that provide a fantastic typing experience, with a smooth, responsive feel that makes every keystroke a joy.

Plus, the colorful design is sure to add a touch of style to your desk setup. Whether a casual user or a hardcore gamer, Akko CS Switches are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a superb typing experience without breaking the bank.

What You Need To Know

These 3-pin custom switches are made for DIY enthusiasts and produce a light yet crisp sound when bottoming out. They are equipped with LED slots ready for LED Mod/Assembly and are SMD compatible with an approximate lifespan of 60 million times of keystrokes based on laboratory durability tests.

The tactile switch has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, has one of the smoothest switches, and the instruction manual includes clear, step-by-step instructions on installing the controls. The rose red switches have a light actuation force of 43gf and have a good tactile bump. In addition, the linear switch comes with a one-year warranty so you can be confident in their quality and durability.

Whether you're looking to add a personal touch to your gaming setup or want to try a new switch style, these custom 3-pin switches are an excellent option. clicky switches mechanical keyboard.

Glorious Lynx Switches

Best 5 Pin Linear Switches for Gaming

Glorious Lynx Switches

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Why We Think These Are Awesome

The Glorious Lynx Mechanical Switches are the perfect linear switches for people who crave a great tactile feel and a smooth, responsive action. It's built with excellent quality components and delivers a strong, satisfying tactility that feels incredible to type on.

Plus, the sound it produces is simply beautiful. Whether gaming or working, the Lynx Switch will give you the edge you need to perform at your best. So don't miss out on this tremendous linear switch - order your Glorious Lynx Switch today!

What You Need To Know

What makes these mechanical keyboard switches so special is the combination of a high-quality 5 Pin PCB mount linear switch with a unique light blue polycarbonate top shell. The result is a switch that looks great and offers superior performance.

The POM stem is soft and flexible, providing a smooth and consistent feel when actuating the switch. The factory-designed spring offers a unique resistance level that helps prevent accidental key presses. In addition, the nickel-plated copper leaf provides superior conductivity, ensuring that each keypress is registered quickly and accurately.

Finally, the SMD RGS passthrough ensures compatibility with RGB lighting systems. These features make these switches an excellent choice for any gaming or typing application.

NovelKeys Kailh Cream Switches

Best Self-Lubricating Linear Switch

NovelKeys Kailh Cream Switches

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Why We Think These Are Awesome

Introducing the all-new NovelKeys Kailh Cream Switch! These top linear switches feel excellent, buttery smooth, and have great sound. It is a great switch, a great product, and is remarkable in value and price.

These switches are perfect for anyone who wants the best possible gaming or typing experience. The smooth, linear feel and excellent sound quality make them a joy to use, and the competitive price makes them an excellent value for money.

So if you're looking for the best linear switches on the market, look no further than the NovelKeys Kailh Cream Switch!

What You Need To Know

NovelKeys Kailh has done it again, innovating the switch game with their new line of self-lubricating POM switches. These new switches feature a smooth and unique experience, MX style latching for the housing, and are available in a cream color.

POM is a rigid, durable material perfect for high-use situations, and Kailh's self-lubricating technology ensures a smooth keypress every time. Whether you're looking for a new gaming switch or a more durable option for your workstation, these Kailh POM switches are sure to impress.

Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches

Best 3 Pin Linear Switches For Gaming

Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches

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Why We Think These Are Awesome

Are you looking for a mechanical switch that offers the perfect balance of smoothness, speed and performance? Look no further than Gateron KS-9 mechanical switches!  Gateron is known among enthusiasts as the go-to choice when it comes to upgrading your keyboard, and these fantastic switches are sure to make typing and gaming an absolute breeze.

Available in 65 PCS, 90 PCS and 120 PCS, Gateron KS-9 mechanical switches offer smooth operation with lightning-fast performance. The Yellow Switches have a low noise level and require only 4mm total travel along with a 50g actuation force - perfect for gamers who want their setup to run smoothly and efficiently. Plus, the light actuation force makes this switch ideal for fast action games or any other setups that require quick inputting.

If you're looking for a mechanical switch that gives you just the right balance between speed, reliability and smooth operation, look no further than Gateron KS-9 mechanical switches. With its quality components and amazing performance, this switch will make your setup complete.

What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for the best linear switches on the market that are transparent, durable, and compatible with various keyboads, Gateron KS-9 Switches should be at the top of your list.

They feature a clear design that makes them perfect for RGB LED keyboards and SMD compatibility, allowing light to shine through the switch. And not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they’re also incredibly durable with a lifetime rating of 50 million keystrokes – so you can be confident knowing these switches won’t let you down.

Plus they’re compatible with Cherry-style Hotswap Keyboards such as Cherry MX, Kailh, Otemu and other mechanical Gateron switches as well as 3 Pin PCB hotswappable Keyboards so you don't have to worry about compatibility either. All in all, Gateron KS-9 Switches make the best linear switches on the market!

Best Linear Switches FAQs

Do the EPOMAKER Vintage White Linear Switch work on Anne Pro 2?

Yes, it can work on the Anne pro2 keyboard. However, the Anne pro2 keyboard is not hot-swappable. You may need to consider the soldering issue.

Does the Akko CS Switches tactile version feel better than a Cherry MX switches brown in terms of tactility?

Yes, these switches have an excellent tactile bump, more than a brown, but not too harsh.

Is Glorious Lynx Switch a Kailh-style switch?

Yes, boards that fit standard Kailh switches should also do your glorious pandas.

Is NovelKeys Kailh Cream Switch compatible with Dierya dk61e 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

No, that keyboard uses optical switches only. Look into Gateron Yellow Switches instead, those are about the only ones you can use.

Are linear switches the best for typing?

There are a few keyboard switches, but linear switches are often considered the best for typing because they provide a consistent feel with each keystroke. They're also relatively quiet and easy to press, which is why they're often used in laptops and other low-profile keyboards.

Other keyboard switches can be more or less responsive or have more tactile feedback, making them more or less suited for specific tasks. But overall, linear switches tend to be the most popular type among typists and gaming enthusiasts.

Are linear switches good for gaming?

Linear switches are popular among gamers because they offer a fast and responsive feel. They're also durable, which is why they're often used in mechanical keyboards.

That said, some people do find them too stiff for everyday use. If you're looking for a gaming keyboard, I recommend checking out some of the linear switch options available.

Are linear switches worth it?

Yes, linear switches are worth it. They offer a much more tactile and responsive typing experience, and they're perfect for gamers or anyone who wants to get the most out of their keyboard.

One thing to note is that linear switches are not for everyone. If you prefer a softer, more cushioned feel when you type, you may want to stick with dome switches instead. But if you're looking for a genuinely satisfying typing experience, then linear switches are the way to go.

Which switches are best for fast typing?

The best switches for fast typing are linear switches. They require the least force to actuate and rebound quickly, so you can type quickly.

There are three types of linear switches: tactile, clicky, and smooth. Tactile linear switches provide a bump when you press them down, which lets you know that they've been activated.

Clicky linear switches make a clicking noise when you press them down, letting you know they've been triggered. Smooth linear switches are the quietest type and don't provide feedback when you press them down.

Are linear or tactile switches better?

It is really a matter of personal preference, and also what activity you might be engaging in. Linear switches are fine for gaming, but for typing, tactile switches are much better because they provide a physical response that tells you that the key has been pressed. This helps to prevent mistakes, and it also feels more satisfying to type on a keyboard with tactile switches.

There are two main types of tactile switch – mechanical and rubber dome. Mechanical switches are the best type because they have a very positive response, whereas rubber dome switches can be somewhat mushy.

That said, not all mechanical switches are created equal – some are much better than others. There are many who swear by the Cherry MX Brown switch, but there are plenty of other good options available too.

What switches do the fastest typers use?

The fastest typers seem to use keyboard switches that are linear (not tactile), and have a low actuation force. This is because these types of switches allow you to type faster since you don't need to apply as much force to the key in order for it to register.

There seems to be some debate over whether or not tactile switches are better or worse than linear switches, but most people seem to think that linear switches are better for speed typing. There are also a few different types of linear switches available, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference which one you choose.

What color keyboard switch is the quietest?

There is no definitive answer to this question because what may be the quietest keyboard switch for one person may not be for another. It really depends on your individual preferences and what you find to be the quietest.

Some people prefer the feel of a mechanical keyboard, while others prefer the feel of a silicone membrane keyboard. And then there are those who prefer a hybrid of the two.

As far as color goes, black switches are generally thought to be the quietest, followed by browns, blues, and greens. Reds are often considered to be the loudest because they have the shortest travel distance.

Which is better: cherry mx linear switch or gateron ink black switches?

It depends on what you are looking for in a keyboard switch. Cherry MX linear switches are smooth and consistent, while Gateron ink black switches have a more tactile feel to them. Ultimately, it is up to the individual's preference.

Which type of switches have medium resistance?

Cherry MX Blue switches are a type of keyboard switch that have medium resistance. They are often used in gaming keyboards because they provide a tactile and auditory feedback that lets the user know when a key has been pressed.

Other types of keyboard switches that have medium resistance include Cherry MX Brown switches and Cherry MX Black switches.

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